Faith In Action Silicon Valley Rotating Shelter Ended Operations on December 30, 2017

After much careful and prayerful consideration, the Board of Directors and Host Council of Faith In Action Silicon Valley Rotating Shelter, decided to end operations on December 30, 2017. Many factors went into this difficult decision. While this iteration of the Rotating Shelter has been operating for almost 6 years, our congregations have been opening their doors to the homeless for more than 25 years. It has been a unique opportunity for a relational ministry that has allowed us to meet, serve and know many amazing men who are as diverse in their experiences, professions, religious and community affiliations as we are.


We have come to find in the past two years that it is increasingly difficult to find candidates that meet our criteria and who are willing to join our program, as we see the demographic of the working homeless changing and we also recognize the epidemic proportions of drug and alcohol addiction. We have been sheltering an average of 8-9 men, a little over half of our capacity of 15, and our operating budget continues to rise, as we have been committed to keeping up with minimum wage and rising costs. In addition, our Executive Director, Cathey Edwards, who has been leading the shelter since October 2011 on a volunteer basis, announced her retirement from Faith In Action as of the end of 2017. In analyzing the need to provide leadership to continue the program, we realized that the increase to the budget to hire a part-time executive director would not be cost effective, especially given the low number of guests we had been serving. Many other factors were also considered including the need for the host sites and volunteers to provide additional leadership in several areas to make sure the day-to-day operations continued smoothly.


So many people have been an integral part of our mission to “Empower Motivated Men” and we are so grateful for all of your volunteer support, financial support, prayers and good energy. Over the past 6 years, your constant faith, support and gifts have sustained our program and allowed us to bless (and be blessed by) more than 230 men and to help 117 of them move into permanent housing.


While this opportunity is coming to an end, our congregations are committed to listening to the call of other programs in the area that need our help! There are several new programs to consider (a women’s rotating shelter, a family shelter to be housed at a church in Mtn. View, a winter men’s rotating shelter in San Jose, the Winter Shelter in Sunnyvale that has now been extended to year-round) becoming engaged with. We hope that you will seek out other programs to support with your time, good energy and financial resources. Please redirect your giving and generously support other organizations fighting homelessness and hunger in the Bay Area such as:

West Valley Community Services
Sunnyvale Community Services
Bill Wilson Center
HomeFirst (operates the SV Shelter)
Second Harvest Food Bank
Winter Faith Collaborative

Thank you again for your kind and enthusiastic support of Faith In Action throughout the years.

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