Partner With Us: Volunteer

How You Can Become More Involved

There are several opportunities for individuals and groups to participate with Faith In Action Silicon Valley Rotating Shelter.  We want to create a streamlined, resourced program that encourages community engagement and volunteer involvement on many levels.  Please contact Cathey Edwards by filling out our Contact Us Form if you would like to explore any of these areas of development.  Some of the areas where we welcome assistance include:

  • Job Development – job search skills, assistance with resume and application writing skills, identifying skills and educational or training needs, interviewing and professional communications skills
  • Life Skills – budgeting and financial management skills, assistance with insurance and medical billing issues, personal health and self care, communications and healthy relationships
  • Mentoring – we would like to develop a mentoring program for individual personal growth as guests go through the shelter program
  • Gleaning, gathering, organizing and storage of shelter supplies
  • Computers and assistance teaching computer skills and maintenance
  • Coordination and preparation of “welcome kits” for the guests – both bedding and hygiene kits
  • Coordination and recruitment of retail donations from local merchants
  • Partnerships with service providers (dentists, chiropractors, haircutters, laundry mats and dry cleaners, etc.)
  • Fundraising events and collection drives (see our Wish List)
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