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We are seeking a few more host congregations to round out each calendar year.  Please consider whether your congregation would like to host this relational program.  The host site criteria are listed below.  Of course, we realize that each site has unique needs and parameters to work within, so we are happy to see how we can work with your congregation to make it feasible for you to host the shelter program.  Please contact Cathey Edwards by filling out our Contact Us Form  if you have any questions or need any other information regarding hosting.


Each host site is asked to host for one month of the calendar year and to provide:

  • Adequate space for 15 shelter guests and an overnight supervisor to sleep
  • Adequate space for the shelter operation’s supplies and  a refrigerator
  • A secure place to store the shelter guests belongings during the day
  • A phone available to call out to “911” in case of an emergency
  • A copy of the host site’s insurance certificate
  • Groceries for the shelter guests’ breakfasts and lunches
  • Volunteers to host from 8:00-9:00 p.m. each evening (the host will welcome dinner providers and act a as a liaison between the supervisors and the host site – does not have to be there every night).
  • Volunteers to buy groceries and supplies as needed each week while the shelter is at the host site
  • Volunteers to bring dinners for 15 guests and the supervisors (approx. 15 nights) during the host site’s month (volunteers are encouraged to stay and visit with the guests)
  • An estimate of the number of volunteer hours and value of rent, utilities, food and supplies provided during the host site’s month (to be provided at the end of the host site’s month)
  • 1 (or 2) designated representatives to serve on the Faith In Action “Host Council”

There are many other ways that a host church, temple or synagogue can participate and we appreciate the commitment and time and energy that is required to serve as a host site.  We believe that by hosting the rotating shelter, your congregation has a unique opportunity to serve the homeless in an environment that encourages relational ministry, a safe place for families to be involved and a variety of ways for people to engage and provide support.

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